The Astrological New Year

The first trimester of the astrological year (March-June) is marked by the opposition between the Mercury-Venus and the Moon-Saturn conjunctions. Generally speaking, this opposition indicates much expectation and speculation (due to the exaltation of Venus) but that can only be fulfilled through much effort and hard work (Saturn opposition). Demagogy and the “embellishment” of promises and ideals will play a large role, but in most cases they will prove unrealistic and disappointing.
The main concern will be on earth resources like agriculture, mining, cattle, etc.

The Sun-Mars square is also very noticeable and suggests harsh attacks on leaders and figures of authority. Law and legislation will be a general concern but this will not be a peaceful matter.

In August there will be a large solar eclipse visible in Northern Europe, Middle East, Russia, India and China. This eclipse indicates the fall of powerful man and will bring forth concerns regarding farming and earth resources, thus emphasising the ingress’s significations.
Another powerful configuration will be the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo which will come about in July, which will be addressed in a latter post.

The ingress in the European Union

The EU ingress chart, set for Brussels the administrative capital, show late Pisces rising with the Sun right on the Ascendant.

The strength and angularity of the Sun in this chart makes him the ruler of the year, with the participation of Jupiter, also angular and ruling the Ascendant.
Jupiter is in the 10th House suggesting a strong emphasis on leadership and government. Both configurations point to the emergency of a strong European leader or government. Nonetheless the square of Mars to the Sun and the essential weakness of Jupiter show that government will be under boycott and will face a strong resistance, most likely related to territorial issues.

The Mercury-Venus opposition to Moon-Saturn falls on the 12th and 6th Houses indicating a lot of intrigue centred in economical interests (Venus rules the 2nd and the Part of Fortune).
All these matters will reach a peek in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of the astrological year (June-September and September-December).

The United States

In the United States the ingress, calculated to Washington DC, presents a Sagittarius Ascendant, being Mars and Jupiter the co-rulers of the year.

In this figure the angularity of Mars is quite concerning due to the emphasis it places in contention and discord. This will make itself more obvious on the 2nd half of the astrological year, as Mars gains angularity in the ingresses. This planet’s conjunction to the Part of Fortune indicates economical difficulties associated with territory and mineral resources (Mars rules the 4th House). Jupiter’s position in the 2nd House in a detrimental state also points to negative fluctuations in the country’s economy and a possible raise of taxes.
Saturn, the 2nd House ruler is equally weakened by its conjunction to the South Node. Its position in the 9th House and in Virgo suggests problems with resources related to foreign affairs.

All these indicators of economical debility will greatly affect the government and its leader which will be under heavy attack by the opposition (Saturn opposes Venus, ruler of the MC and Sun applies to the square of Mars).  These harsh conditions may lead to the fall of important governmental figures (possibly in the June-September trimester).

The presence of several planets in the 3rd House suggests a year full of debate (which is to be expected due to the presidential election) but full of demagogy, centred on appearances and “show-off” and of little substance.

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