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Quick notes on the Cancer Ingress

This post intends to add a few observations based on the Cancer ingress to what we already posted on the year 2008. The ingress occurred on the 20th June at 23:59 UT.

European Union

In Brussels the ingress chart has Aries rising with Mars placed in the 5th House. Mars is the most prominent planet, and therefore fit to rule the trimester.

Diplomatic activity and debate will be the main focus of this period, but they will be tainted with discord (as Mars is the significator) and with weak results due to the conjunction to the South Node.
Another powerful planet is Mercury, in its own sign, Gemini; it is posited in the 3rd House of communication, increasing the indication of discussion and debate.
Government will be weak and limited by bureaucracy.

United States

The ingress chart for Washington DC presents a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler, is detrimented, retrograde and conjunct the Moon (also weak) on the cusp of the 2nd House. This configuration indicates a strong focus on the country’s economical condition, which will not be at its best. Saturn, ruler of the 2nd House, in the 9th suggests the economy will be affected by foreign countries; the earth signs (Capricorn on the cusp of the 2nd and Saturn in Virgo) points to mineral resources and crops. The presence of the North Node in the 2nd might mitigate slightly the house’s debility.
Venus, ruler of the MC, is also debilitated by combustion, suggesting a weak government, somehow restrained by the country’s opponents (7th House).

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