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The Tradition News!

Dear friends,

The Tradition NEWS is an occasional update on the proceedings of The Tradition journal proper. It is free of charge and enables us to bring information to you that would otherwise have to wait for the next issue of the journal. This time we bring you the results of the House System Poll. Please download you copy here!

We hope you enjoy it!

The editors,
Helena Avelar, Luís Ribeiro and Sue Ward

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William Lilly’s nativity by himself

Sue Ward has just made available on her blog William Lilly’s true nativity.

This a very important information. So far the only source for the chart of this great astrologer came from his rival John Gadbury – which is know for his errors in chart data. Now we finally have a chance to look at the real thing, from Lilly himself.

Read the complete post at:

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Sue Ward in Lisbon

Workshop: Temperamentos e Aparência física

Sue Ward was in Lisbon last Saturday to present a workshop on The Temperaments and Physical Appearance. Sue also explained the correlation between the natal charts and marks, moles and scars, using the charts of the participants as examples.
Here are some photos of the event:

Workshop: Temperamentos e Aparência física

The participants

Workshop: Temperamentos e Aparência física

Sue Ward with her usual sense of humor

Workshop: Temperamentos e Aparência física

Applying the technique

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The Tradition Weblog!

The Tradition journal has now a web log!
You can now contribute with comments and reviews.

Visit us at

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The Tradition journal – 2nd issue

The second edition of The Tradition journal is now available by following this link. The following list of contents will give you an good idea of the subject matter in this huge Spring issue. For those who haven’t read the first edition, it is still available as a free download, but the second issue is a paltry 5 euros the whole of which will be donated to charity (see The Tradition web site for further details).


Expert opinion
Top astrologers comment on the subject of house division

Modern Myths – Non Cogunt
The Tradition, fate and freewill, by Sue Ward

The Theoretical Rationale Underlying the Seven Hermetic Lots
Chris Brennan addresses the principles behind the calculation of the seven Hermetic Lots

Astrological Software and the Practice of Traditional Astrology
Luís Ribeiro underlines the features for good Traditional astrology software

On The Great Conjunction or The Development of an Idea
Peter Stockinger explores the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction throughout history

‘Zodiacal releasing from Spirit’: a rediscovered Hellenistic method of prediction
An exposition of this interesting technique by Martien Hermes

Signatures – As Above so Below: Jupiter
Oscar Hofman continues to explore the universe of planetary correspondences

One King, Five Birthdays
Royal charts, wrong dates and complicated calendars, by Monique Roussy

Can we live without them? Traditional chart interpretation and the modern planets
Interpreting charts without the new planets, a practical approach by Helena Avelar

Credit-Crunch, Boom-Bust… Jupiter-Saturn
Sue Ward studies the current economic crisis from the perspective of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Judging Temperament (Part II): a study of the method
The practical application of the temperament technique, by Luís Ribeiro

For Posterity – King Sebastian’s Nativity
Three curious astrological documents on the nativity of King Sebastian of Portugal, by Helena Avelar & Luís Ribeiro

By the Book – Ali ben Ragel, “on Terms”
By Helena Avelar

On the Heavens – Lulin comet: nasty little green thing
By Luís Ribeiro

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The Animodar Project

The Academy of Astrology and The Tradition journal invite you to participate in the Animodar Project a global research project of Traditional Astrology.

The aim of this project is to apply the traditional chart rectification method of Animodar to as many charts as possible, using a computer program especially created to this purpose. Everybody with accurate birth data is invited to contribute.

To participate you just have to submit accurate data and you can do this by completing the on-line form.

Our own research has demonstrated that this method, which was very popular in centuries past, has great potential. In order to test this, we need a very large number of nativities with known birth times. We will, of course, publish the results so that all astrologers might know whether the Animodar is a useful tool or not.

For more details please visit the project’s webpage or watch our video presentation

We look forward to your participation

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New website, new weblog

After a major setback with our site due to hacking we are back with a new look and a new weblog.

The old posts are still being recovered and will be re-posted soon. Meanwhile enjoy the new ones!

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