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Lulin’s effects – follow-up

In the current issue (Spring 2009) of The Tradition journal is Luís’ the article  “Comet Lulin: nasty little green thing”. This post is an addendum to that article.

The African country of Guinea-Bissau was shaken to its foundations last week, when two of its leaders – João Bernando ‘Nino’ Vieira, the country’s president, and General Batista Tagmé Na Waié, his political rival – were brutally murdered. Both men died within a short period of time. General Waié was assassinated on 1st of March late at night when a bomb exploded in his office; president Vieira met a violent end a few hours later when armed men invaded his house and hacked him to death with machetes. Besides the obvious political motivation of these murders, there is also an underlying motive of personal revenge, as the two men were long-term rivals. (more details here)

This violent crime can be linked directly to the comet’s traditional significations which are: “death of kings and Grandees, Nobles such as chief rulers”, as mentioned in the article published in The Tradition journal. It was also pointed that: “a comet in Scorpio indicates ‘abundance of war and rebellion’, ‘detriment and damage to soldiers’, ‘contemptions among great men’, ‘death of some eminent men’. (…) Its effects should be noticeable quite quickly because it is oriental of the Sun.”

In this case the “contention” between two powerful men ended with the assassination of one of them, the top military chief, General Waié, and the subsequent revenge taken by his soldiers on his rival, President Nino Vieira. This fits the description of the comet’s significations accurately.

The article also referred to areas where its effects might be felt:

“Its declination ranged from approximately 15ºS to 18ºN, thus in geographical terms its effects will have more emphasis on the equatorial and tropical areas of the planet which have around the same value of latitude. This would suggest Africa (particularly the North) as the place where its effects will be felt most strongly and because that is an area ruled by Scorpio and the rest of the Water triplicity.” As comet Lulin was first spotted in this sign, it is no wonder that its effects were felt in this area of the globe. As we can see on the map, Guinea-Bissau is situated just south of Mauritania, and therefore in an area ruled by Scorpio according to Ptolemy and with a range of latitudes between 11ºN and 12ºN40’.

The comet’s path, during its period of visibility, period crossed the Zodiac from Scorpio to Leo and on the day of the murders it was moving away from a conjunction of Regulus, a star usually related to kings and chiefs.

Let’s now take a quick look to the event chart. According to diplomatic sources quoted on the news, the murder of President Vieira, occurred on the 2nd March at around 5:30 AM:

The human sign of Aquarius rises, and its ruler Saturn is placed in the house of death in the human sign of Virgo. Mercury, ruler of the 8th house, is on the 1st in exact conjunction with Mars, showing a violent death by “human hands” (see William Lilly, Christian Astrology, p.646: “Humaine Signes, denote death by a Man, as by Armes or Violence”), in this case by soldiers (Mars). Mars also signifies the President (as ruler of the MC/10th house) meeting his death, because Mercury is the ruler of the 8th house from the 10th.

The Mercury-Mars conjunction seems to be the key element in this event, and the nature of the comet Lulin is also Mercury-Mars (see full article in the The Tradition for details). At this time the comet would have been opposing the conjunction and squaring the Moon. In fact, the murders occurred within a few hours of the exact Mercury-Mars conjunction, as we can see in the timeline:

– 1st March late night (exact time not found), general Waié is murdered in a bomb attack;
– 2nd March, 03:05 am, the Mercury-Mars conjunction perfects (this was the third conjunction of a series of three, due to Mercury’s recent retrogradation from Aquarius to Capricorn);
– 2nd March, around 05:30 am: President Vieira is hacked and shot to death in his mother-in-law’s house, after a siege which lasted at least one hour.

There is also a possible interaction with the Presidents nativity – Nino Vieira was born on 27th April 1939 (time unknown). Despite the unfortunate lack of a birth time, the natal Moon would be posited between 9º and 23º of Leo, therefore close to the opposition of the Mercury-Mars conjunction degree. This area of the Zodiac was also the place of the two last eclipses (a solar eclipse at 6º Aquarius, and a lunar at 20º Aquarius-Leo).

These were the almost immediate effects of comet Lulin – a shocking and violent crime, as it would be expected judging by its nature. Let us hope this was Lulin’s darker side and from here on its effects become dimmer.


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Now what? – An overview of the first months of Barak Obama’s mandate

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Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 Presidential Elections has been anticipated in astrological circles for some time. For a number of astrological reasons – namely his natal chart and his current primary directions – he was expected to win. And so he did.

Obama became the first Democrat president in 8 years and the first black president ever. His victory is, in many senses, remarkable. His intelligence, charisma and competence seem quite obvious, but he inherited a difficult and indeed explosive situation. He now faces complex problems in the political, economical and social areas – and the decisions he makes as the president of the USA will resonate worldwide.

So, what can we expect from the first six months of his presidency?

The study of the solar ingresses for this period gives us the answer.

Obama was elected on November 4th still under the Libra Ingress of 22nd September, but he will be inaugurated on January 20th under the Capricorn Ingress of 21st December.  The Libra Ingress chart clearly points to a difficult economical situation – which is no surprise given the economical crisis the world is presently facing. The ruler of the 2nd house of resources, Saturn, is placed in the 10th of government, thus establishing an obvious connection between economy and government. In the overall context, the chart is not very promising.

As to the Capricorn Ingress, the economical perspectives seem to be somewhat improved. The ruler of the Ascendant, Jupiter, is in the 2nd cusp in Capricorn, thus pointing to the major concern of the country during that time: the economy. As Jupiter is in the sign of its fall, the economic condition is, obviously, weak. But the scenery is somewhat promising, as the North Node and Venus are placed in the 2nd house, in Aquarius. We might therefore expect some kind of amelioration in that country’s economical situation. As Venus rules of the 10th (government), we can see clearly the government’s focus on the economy. Additionally, the position of Saturn, the 2nd house ruler in the 9th, suggests some kind of change in the law with the purpose of rectifying the present difficulties.

It is no surprise to find the Moon in the 10th house, suggesting a popular and consensual government. The Moon’s conjunction to Spica, a benefic star, reinforces this situation. In this period, President Obama enjoys great popularity and the acceptance of the great majority of the public. However, one cannot dismiss the conjunction of the Sun and Mars to the Ascendant, a strong enough (and malefic enough) aspect to contradict most of the above-mentioned positive significators. As Mars is angular and placed in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, it suggests strong and loud protests. Mars rules the 4th and the 11th, so these protests are most likely to originate from Congress (11th) about issues related to territory, agriculture, real-estate, and mineral resources (oil?) (4th). Notwithstanding, the President’s popularity remains and his position is strong, although he stands on shaky foundations.

This delicate balance is disturbed by the time of the Aries Ingress, as the “new president euphoria” fades away and the country faces harsh realities. Economy is once again the main issue, as indicated by debilitated Venus, ruler of the 2nd, in the Ascendant. The insecurity of the situation becomes more evident now, and therefore the government is weakened. The Moon is again in the 10th, but this time it is debilitated in Capricorn. Saturn, the 10th ruler, is cadent in the 6th House, which further weakens the government position. All this suggests a fall from grace.

The opposition of debilitated Mercury (ruler of the 3rd) to Saturn can also suggest that the President will be under attack by the media, with innuendo and malicious criticism.

The retrograde condition of Venus in the Ascendant and of Saturn, ruler of the 10th, suggests that the government will probably have to retreat from some of their political projects. Nonetheless, the strong position of Jupiter in the 11th house of its joy, with the Part of Fortune and the North Node are positive indicators and show a general sense of confidence in the future. The following ingresses, of Cancer and Libra, seem to confirm these expectations by showing a slow but steady improvement in the USA’s economy. This will be dealt with in future posts.

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The Mars Saturn conjunction in Virgo

This Summer brings us an important mundane conjunction of Mars and Saturn.
It will occur next Thursday, the 10th July, at 18:11 UT, at 5º Virgo 26’.
This is a minor conjunction within the mundane panorama, as it represents a lesser cycle of the tree superior planets.
Because it involves the two malefics, this type of conjunction is traditionally related to disagreeable effects, like conflicts, scarcity and political instability.

The conjunction occurs in Virgo, where Saturn is currently placed, thus activating its effects.
As Virgo is an Earth sign, it brings concerns related to earthly matters: land crops, resources and food in general; it is also a feminine sign, thus relating to female issues and birth; it is ruled by Mercury, so also relates to communication, interchange, commerce and travel.

The countries affected by this conjunction are, as should be expected, the ones ruled by Virgo, like Iraq and Greece. The same goes for cities ruled by this sign, as Paris, Athens and Jerusalem.

The critical points of this cycle will be harsh contacts between these planets.
The dexter square will occur in 12th December 2008, with Mars at 21º Sagittarius conjunct to the Sun; the opposition in 5th April 2009, with Mars at 16º Pisces, and the sinister square in 11th August 2009, with Mars at 11º Gemini.

European Union

The conjunction chart for Brussels presents a strongly angular Moon, in the MC, at 25º Libra, trining the also angular Mercury, in the Descendant, at 29º Gemini.

The emphasis on these planets suggests much conversation and movement, which is also shown by the identification between the 1st house and the 3rd, both ruled by Jupiter.
The placement of the Moon in the MC, suggests discussions regarding the government and the rulership of the European Union. This is most likely related to the Lisbon Treatise, which is contested by some countries. This will not be an easy matter, as suggested by the square between the Moon and Venus (the Moon’s dispositor and ruler of the MC).
Likewise, the Moon closely activates the contra-antiscia of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, thus reinforcing the notion that some kind of conflict or struggle is to be expected.
The square between the Moon and Venus, and the opposition of Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant), to the Sun (natural significator of power), also adds a note of tension regarding the issues of government.
Mercury is also very relevant in this chart, not only for being angular and trining the Moon, but manly for dispositing the Mars-Saturn conjunction. It is strongly dignified in its own sign, Gemini, and conjunct the stars Betelguese and Menkalinan, both stars of the nature of Mars and Mercury, thus promising many arguments and fights.

But there are also some ameliorating factors. The Moon’s mutual reception with Venus and the Moon’s conjunction to benefic star Spica, can provide some assistance to this matter, remitting some of its harshness. Besides, the Moon-Venus square occurs in signs of long ascension, thus decreasing the tension naturally signified by this aspect.

United States

In the United States the conjunction falls in the 11th house and the chart presents almost the same degrees as the February lunar eclipse. As the conjunction occurs in the 11th house, it can be expected some conflicts between the government and the congress.

In this chart the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant and rules the 9th house which brings forth matters relating with foreign affairs. This is further emphasised by the conjunction of Mercury, dispositor of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, to the cusp of the 9th house.
The Moon-Mercury trine suggests interchange, communication, frequent travels, etc.

Also note that the Mars-Saturn conjunction activates the 9th house of the previous Cancer Ingress (see previous post); in the ingress Saturn rules the 2nd house and Mars rules the IC, relating foreign affairs (9th) to the country’s economy (2nd) and resources (2nd and 4th).

The angularity of the feminine planets (Moon on the Ascendant and Venus conjunct the MC) suggests the prominence of women or feminine issues in the country’s image.

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Quick notes on the Cancer Ingress

This post intends to add a few observations based on the Cancer ingress to what we already posted on the year 2008. The ingress occurred on the 20th June at 23:59 UT.

European Union

In Brussels the ingress chart has Aries rising with Mars placed in the 5th House. Mars is the most prominent planet, and therefore fit to rule the trimester.

Diplomatic activity and debate will be the main focus of this period, but they will be tainted with discord (as Mars is the significator) and with weak results due to the conjunction to the South Node.
Another powerful planet is Mercury, in its own sign, Gemini; it is posited in the 3rd House of communication, increasing the indication of discussion and debate.
Government will be weak and limited by bureaucracy.

United States

The ingress chart for Washington DC presents a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler, is detrimented, retrograde and conjunct the Moon (also weak) on the cusp of the 2nd House. This configuration indicates a strong focus on the country’s economical condition, which will not be at its best. Saturn, ruler of the 2nd House, in the 9th suggests the economy will be affected by foreign countries; the earth signs (Capricorn on the cusp of the 2nd and Saturn in Virgo) points to mineral resources and crops. The presence of the North Node in the 2nd might mitigate slightly the house’s debility.
Venus, ruler of the MC, is also debilitated by combustion, suggesting a weak government, somehow restrained by the country’s opponents (7th House).

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The Astrological New Year

The first trimester of the astrological year (March-June) is marked by the opposition between the Mercury-Venus and the Moon-Saturn conjunctions. Generally speaking, this opposition indicates much expectation and speculation (due to the exaltation of Venus) but that can only be fulfilled through much effort and hard work (Saturn opposition). Demagogy and the “embellishment” of promises and ideals will play a large role, but in most cases they will prove unrealistic and disappointing.
The main concern will be on earth resources like agriculture, mining, cattle, etc.

The Sun-Mars square is also very noticeable and suggests harsh attacks on leaders and figures of authority. Law and legislation will be a general concern but this will not be a peaceful matter.

In August there will be a large solar eclipse visible in Northern Europe, Middle East, Russia, India and China. This eclipse indicates the fall of powerful man and will bring forth concerns regarding farming and earth resources, thus emphasising the ingress’s significations.
Another powerful configuration will be the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo which will come about in July, which will be addressed in a latter post.

The ingress in the European Union

The EU ingress chart, set for Brussels the administrative capital, show late Pisces rising with the Sun right on the Ascendant.

The strength and angularity of the Sun in this chart makes him the ruler of the year, with the participation of Jupiter, also angular and ruling the Ascendant.
Jupiter is in the 10th House suggesting a strong emphasis on leadership and government. Both configurations point to the emergency of a strong European leader or government. Nonetheless the square of Mars to the Sun and the essential weakness of Jupiter show that government will be under boycott and will face a strong resistance, most likely related to territorial issues.

The Mercury-Venus opposition to Moon-Saturn falls on the 12th and 6th Houses indicating a lot of intrigue centred in economical interests (Venus rules the 2nd and the Part of Fortune).
All these matters will reach a peek in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of the astrological year (June-September and September-December).

The United States

In the United States the ingress, calculated to Washington DC, presents a Sagittarius Ascendant, being Mars and Jupiter the co-rulers of the year.

In this figure the angularity of Mars is quite concerning due to the emphasis it places in contention and discord. This will make itself more obvious on the 2nd half of the astrological year, as Mars gains angularity in the ingresses. This planet’s conjunction to the Part of Fortune indicates economical difficulties associated with territory and mineral resources (Mars rules the 4th House). Jupiter’s position in the 2nd House in a detrimental state also points to negative fluctuations in the country’s economy and a possible raise of taxes.
Saturn, the 2nd House ruler is equally weakened by its conjunction to the South Node. Its position in the 9th House and in Virgo suggests problems with resources related to foreign affairs.

All these indicators of economical debility will greatly affect the government and its leader which will be under heavy attack by the opposition (Saturn opposes Venus, ruler of the MC and Sun applies to the square of Mars).  These harsh conditions may lead to the fall of important governmental figures (possibly in the June-September trimester).

The presence of several planets in the 3rd House suggests a year full of debate (which is to be expected due to the presidential election) but full of demagogy, centred on appearances and “show-off” and of little substance.

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The New Year of 2008

As 2007 comes to an end is now the proper time for astrologers to make a comment about the upcoming year of 2008. So we inaugurate the astrological comments of the Academy’s blog with a brief view of the main configurations for 2008.

The most noticeable configuration of 2008 is the positioning of the two traditional cronocrators in Earth signs: Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn.
This is the first time both slow planets are both in Earth signs since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000, at 22º Taurus. The return to Earth will enhance this triplicity’s theme for the entire year: all things related to earthly resources, whether agricultural or mineral. Unfortunately, they are both debilitated, for Saturn is peregrine and Jupiter is in fall. There will be a melancholic tone to this year.

For this first winter trimester we are under the effects of the Capricorn Ingress of the 22 December 2007. As the planetary configuration itself is not very promising at this time, the first trimester will be a bit harsh and difficult.

For the European Union (EU) the ingress (cast for Brussels, the administrative capital) will have a Sagittarius Ascendant with the Sun-Jupiter-Mars opposition to Mars on the 1st and 7th Houses.

Although this opposition does not have too much angularity, it will bring discussion and quarrelling as Mars in the 7th (enemies) is afflicting Jupiter, the ruler of the Ascendant. The contention represented by Mars will probably relate to resources and economy as Mars rules 4th House, its conjunct the Part of Fortune and its also almuten of the 2nd House. The involvement of the 12th House also brings the subject of limitation and sabotage. The debilitated placement of Venus, ruler of MC (government) in this house indicates a weak government, much limited in its actions and of little consequence (Venus is feral).

There are various indications of foreign affairs interfering in the general condition of the EU. Note that Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant is combust by the Sun, ruler of the 9th House, thus conditioned by foreign actions; furthermore Saturn, almuten of the MC is in this same house, conjoining the South Node.

It is also important to note the affliction of the Moon in Gemini by a square of Saturn, ruler of the 2nd House. The people (Moon) will face economical shortages (square of Saturn ruler of 2nd). So, as expected, this trimester is not very promising.

In the United States of America, the configuration falls in completely different set of houses.

The most noticeable thing in this chart is a debilitated Venus, ruler of the Ascendant on 2nd House. This indicates a strong attention on the country’s economy, which will not be at its best. This weakness is emphasised by the fact that Venus also disposits the Part of Fortune. Furthermore the 2nd House is ruled by a debilitated Mars in the 9th House, which relates these economical difficulties to “martial” actions related to foreign issues.

The Sun-Jupiter-Mercury opposition to Mars which characterises this ingress fall on the 3rd and 9th Houses an indication trouble and contention in matters of media and communication, foreign affairs, education and travel. Although in cadent houses, this opposition falls in the culminating signs (10th and 4th signs from the Ascendant) which give it an extra strength.

Moon, ruler of MC and representing government is also debilitated in the 8th House. The Moon is squared by Saturn from the 12th House of hidden enemies. Saturn is the ruler 4th House of homeland, territory and natural resources, which are subjects that might be troublesome for the USA government in this trimester.

Indeed the configurations are not the best but today (31 of December) Mars will re-ingress the sign of Gemini, clearing a bit of the muddiness of its transit through Cancer and giving us a lighter New Years Eve celebration. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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