Helena and Luís

Helena Avelar and Luís Ribeiro are full-time astrologers, teachers and researchers.

They founded a school of Astrology in 1999, presently known as Academia de Estudos Astrológicos (Academy of Astrological Studies).

The Academy is a centre of study and research into Traditional Astrology. It offers a three-year course which includes astrological interpretation, basic astronomy and calculation, as well as counselling skills.

Throughout all of this time its students have included people from all walks of life, all levels of experience and knowledge, and who have successfully graduated from the Academy.

The Academy also promotes regular workshops and lectures with renowned guest astrologers.

Besides teaching and lecturing, Helena and Luís have written articles for various international magazines and journals. Their research work focuses mainly on recovering the practice of the Western Tradition, investigation into the history of Astrology in Portugal and Mundane Astrology.

Since 2002 they have organised Stellium – the Portuguese Astrological Conference – which brings together both Portuguese and international astrologers.

Helena Avelar was born in Lisbon in 1964.

Helena Avelar

She worked has a journalist for ten years.

Her astrological studies began at a very young age and finally in 1992 she began formal training in Astrology. Following a successful career as a journalist, she began her practice as a professional astrologer in 1996 and since 1999 she has been a fulltime astrologer and teacher. While Helena devotes most of her energies to the Academy, she still finds time to lecture and teach throughout Portugal and abroad.

Her astrological studies include Traditional Horary with Susan Ward, Medieval Astrology with Robert Zoller and more contemporary lines of study.

Helena is presently working on her Ph.D. in history as part of her research in the astrological field.


Luís Campos Ribeiro was born in Setúbal in 1974.

Luís Ribeiro

His academic background includes chemistry, geology (incorporating teacher training) and palaeography.

He began his astrological studies in 1991 and his professional practice in 1995.

Luís has the Diploma of Medieval Astrology from Robert Zoller, and his astrological studies also include contemporary astrology, Esoteric Astrology and the Huber Method.

Currently his work includes consultations, teaching and research, and he has taught and lectured throughout Portugal, in England, Switzerland and the United States.

They are the authors of:

Vamos Falar de Astrologia (Let’s Talk about Astrology), 2003, a book answering 110 frequently asked questions about interpretation, history, astronomy, counselling and ethics in the astrological field;

Astrologia Real (Royal Astrology), 2004, their extensive historical research presenting the birth data and charts of the kings and queens of Portugal with astrological interpretations from the Traditional perspective;

Tratado das Esferas (Treatise of the Spheres) is a comprehensive, manual on the practice of the Western Predictive Tradition.